Network Information

Our servers are located in the data center of Telecity Amsterdam, where all important carriers and Internet Exchanges are connected. Our server room is equipped with powerful air-conditioning fire fighting equipment and power generators for the case of an interruption of the power supply.

Our first class network is reliably connected to 4 independent international carriers, and we have a direct connection with the AMS-IX. In the case that one of these 5 connections is dropped, our network continues to be accessible without any problems.

This is an overview of our connections:

– 1 Gbit AMS-IX
– 1 Gbit TeliaSonera
– 1 Gbit MFN/Abovenet
– 1 Gbit Interoute
– 100 Mbit Carrier1

All our crucial equipment is redundant; this means that every router, firewall and core switch has a backup. This investment leads to an excellent uptime of our network (last year 99,98%) and that is something that we are proud of, and more important, that our customers appreciate.

A great advantage of our redundant network setup is that visitors from all over the world will be able to visit your website with maximum speed; the traffic will always choose the quickest route to your website.

Of course we use 24/7 monitoring systems, that allow us in the unfortunate event of any problems to rapidly react.