Why You Must Have a Website

You need a website. Your business needs a website. Think about it. You may not have a huge staff or a magnificent office building to bring your clients to, but you can have a website just like the big boys.

The Internet has completely leveled the playing field.

httpAccording to a recent survey, the majority of US small businesses can attribute some portion of their annual sales to having a presence online.

In fact, 78% say they benefit from having a Web site. Particularly, over one-half think their site gives their company more credibility, while 33% say it is their strongest marketing tool.

Every business should have a website. If created properly and nurtured faithfully it can add credibility and increase client trust without you having to lift a finger. And it works when you can’t.

At a conference a few months back an auditorium of millionaire business owners was asked to, “Raise your hand if you’ve used the Internet to research a possible purchase within the past seven days.” Their upraised hands and arms made that room look like a wheat field at harvest time.

And indeed it was.

The Internet is rapidly becoming the number one medium for small business. It has become the ultimate product catalog, information encyclopedia, sales brochure and travel guide.

Are you ready to take a new look at the web?

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