WordPress Custom Post Widget

This plugin enables you to display the content of a custom post type called Content Block in a sidebar widget.

You could use the text widget that comes with the default WordPress install, but this plugin has some clear benefits:

  • If you are using widgets to display content on various areas of your template, this content can only be edited by users with administrator access. If you would like users with editor rights to modify the widget content, you can use this plugin to provide them access to the custom posts that provide the content for the widget areas.
  • WordPress will keep revisions of the widget content, which allows you to easily restore the content to a previous version.
  • It enables users to use the WYSIWYG editor for editing the content and adding images

This plugin creates a ‘content_block’ custom post type. You can choose to display the title on the page, or to use it to describe the position of the widget on the page. Note that these content blocks can only be displayed in the context of the page. I have added ‘public’ => false to the custom post type this means that it is not accessible outside the page context and will not cause any duplicate content or other SEO issues.

To add content to a widget, just select the title of the Content Block from the dropdown in the widget.

Custom Post Widget Customize Admin Plugin

Please refer to the link below for more extensive usage instructions and support.

Click here to download the Custom Post Widget plugin from the WordPress.org repository